Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sam♥Maria part II {wedding}

Some details, the groomsmen and a very emotional first look...

I met up with and shot Sam and his guys across the road.

Sam is origionally from Abilene, TX and so his groomsmen gave him these awesome cuff links for a wedding present :) you can see I had to work real hard to get nice, sober, clean shots :)
no really, they were a ton of fun and it took no time at all!!

Their first look was so emotional...
Sam was so excited to see his "Mia" he had himself worked into a nervous frenzy just waiting - so cute!

I was just shooting away and praying my focus was ok because I was tearing up so bad.

Sigh... love it so beautiful!

Ok now I need a moment Ü come back tomorrow for the rest of this beautiful story!