Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tim♥Bethany part I {wedding}

Location: Farmstead Inn in the heart if Northern Indiana Amish Country, Shipshewana, Indiana

I knew this wedding was going to be special... I was driving into town with one of the Midwest's biggest snowstorms blowing at my heels and as I am driving into Shipshewana I see all of these beautifully kept white farmhouses covered in snow and close by are clotheslines loaded with the weeks clean laundry hanging out to dry it was so simple yet so beautiful!  Buggies and bicycles being ridden all over town as I in my heated SUV drive slowly through in amazement.

The occasion... a destination wedding of Tim and Bethany!
These two have waited a long time for this day and the glow on their faces as they each arrived with their parents from two different cities made for a VERY excited air!!

The rehearsal the night before went as rehearsals often do... much anticipation and fear of the unknown but then on the second time through everything just kind of falls into place Ü  The talented, organized, coordinator Elaine Roach was the glue that held it together!

Wedding day arrived overcast (yeah for me) snowy and beautiful.  Guests were arriving from all over and meeting up in the hallways with big hugs and hearty greetings.

Here is where we start with Bethany getting her hair done by her talented Aunt Heidi ;)

Louise made each of the gals one of these adorable capes!

And ohhh there is soo much more so stay tuned for "part II" coming soon!

P.S. We'll leave one shot of Tim here before we go... just because he was a big part of this day too. ;)