Thursday, February 23, 2012

David&Rachel {engagement}

Well first off I am soo sad I was already booked for this super sweet couples wedding in Northern California this summer but, was thrilled they were coming back to visit family so I could shoot their engagement photos!!

For a month I was scouting around the are here looking for something resembling "beautiful" and I tell ya with no snow this year, it's kind of sad looking out there.  So.... I prayed and prayed for snow and as you know, we have had NONE until.... the very night before our shoot, just when I was giving into the fact I would just have to do the best I could.  Ask and you shall receive oh me of little faith :( sigh.... I woke up the morning of our shoot to 4+ inches of beautiful, white fluff on the ground.  I just looked out my front window and smiled and said aloud "Ok Lord, you won this one, you pulled a good one on Glenda today" smirk, sigh... will I ever learn?

David and Rachel were so much fun and so easy to shoot.  Their love for each other literally creates this glow that is so beautiful and so intoxicating!  So enough said here, let me show you what I mean... a beautiful morning in the life of David and Rachel!! ;)

no worries... she got him back ;)
and their still friends :)

David and Rachel, thank you so much for an incredible morning. You two are such an inspiration and I pray
that the Lord will continue to bless the both of you as you soon become husband and wife!! xo

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