Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mallory Nicole {birth}

Breaking into our regularly scheduled blogging to report the birth
of a sweet "baby girl" who finally decided to arrive a week late!!


So got this text in the middle of the night... smirk...

I was up like a jack rabbit and even beat G'ma to the hospital - sorry Liz :)
Just stood there in amazement as this beautiful miracle happened before my very eyes.
Yes, I have seen it many times before and got through it 3 times myself but wow, it STILL gets to me every time!!

a job well done... just look at this new Mama's tired but glowing face :)

Yep...she's really yours proud Daddy!

Congratulations Matt and Mandy and thank you for letting me share your story and beautiful new bundle of joy!!
So happy for you two!!