Monday, March 23, 2009

Jeff♥Molly {wedding}

It was so nice to start off the season with a beautiful wedding.
I was thrilled to tag along as 2nd shooter with fellow photographer Dan Buettner for the day.

The adorable Jeff and Molly actually live in Texas but chose to have their wedding
here in St Paul to to celebrate with all of their family and friends.

Their wedding was held at the very old and beautiful Dayton Ave Presbyterian Church
in St Paul which so happens to have been founded by Molly's maternal great-great

This was Molly's adorable niece who was flower girl and came down the aisle in
her little red wagon pulled by her father with just the hint of a smile peaking out
from around her binky and doing the most adorable hand cupping wave you have
ever seen - you can tell by the audiences faces she won their hearts!

The new Mr and Mrs!

Here she is again, accepting the praise of a job well done!

The reception was held at the incredible Harriet Island Pavilion which looks across the mighty
Miss at the amazing downtown St Paul skyline!

Molly and her Dad Burt absolutely rocked the father/daughter dance and as you can
tell from this next shot they had an absolute blast doing it!!