Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Brandt {3 years}

This sweet, little guy has sure grown up this year!
Brandt has had a very exciting month!
He just celebrated his 3rd birthday and just before that got a new baby sister!!

I had a good time year just conversing with him as we wandered around his Grandparents house in Clear Lake.

Showing me his mean Buzz Lightyear jumping skills!!

I think he knew my name started with a "G" so for awhile here he was calling me
Grandma Sarcastic smile but I quickly laughed with him at that one and got him to call me Glenda.

It's amazing the physical abuse I have to endure to get an action shot Confused smile
smirk... of course then he'd laugh and that's what I was looking for!!

He's just so sweet!

Riding with his GG and Pops!

And last but not least he wants to show off his precious new baby sister Alivia whom you just saw in the last blog post!!

Brandt your a great kid, thanks for giving me all those "one more, nice smiles"!! Open-mouth smile