Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Titus♥Lea {wedding}

I am going a little out of order here on account of the darling little subject that is to come... is out of town sooo... Ü let's have a wedding!!!

Titus and Lea were married at Central College in Pella Iowa on Saturday. It was such a gorgeous day outside and we had lots of time to wander around the campus and get a lot of photos! I have known Lea since she was a wee little thing and it was so fun to get asked to take her wedding photos! You might remember we just had her big sister Lukas wedding 6 weeks ago!!

I will add to these today as I get time so be sure and check back!

Here is the beautiful bride in front of the chapel where they had their ceremony.

some of Lea's beautiful details...

and her gals...

and this would be the groom - who by the way did not stop grinning all day!

and his guys...

After their touching ceremony filled with lots of music and singing by the Bremans
including a song Lea wrote and sang for Titus we headed back outside for some more

then we went over to the canal for these...

and back for the reception at Graham Hall...

and off they go...

and last but not least... Titus here is the sunset you missed when you "ditched"
your photographer Ü LOL, I took a picture just to remind you - it was gorgeous!

A most gorgeous day! Congratulations you two and hope you have a wonderful honeymoon at Niagra Falls!! ♥U
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